WWKIP day 2017 is taken over by scifi

WWKIP day 2017 is taken over by sci-fi

What a brilliant wwkip day we had at All Things Wool.  When I woke up and heard the sound of raining tapping on my window my instant thought was ” well that’s our day ruined”  But I could not have been more wrong.

So Knit in public day is celebrated worldwide.  As you can imagine we did not want to miss out so decided to join in on the fun.  And fun we had.  On the same day in Stockton, it happened to be Kapow.  Kapow is an event organized originally by a fabulous independent gift shop in Stockton called Who Ray.  This year Stockton Council and the Stockton BID helped add to the excitement.  This included some brilliant superheroes and Harry Potter stars.  So you can imagine what came next?  Well, of course, we had to get them involved in our knitting. Below are some photos of the fabulous stars we encouraged to get involved with our knitting.  I must say we have to thank 99th garrison for the brilliant star wars characters too.

19141530_10158723762900262_1592679179_n-1 19074053_10158723763665262_177270201_n-1 19141612_10158723764510262_1860610527_n 19113462_10158723764605262_887159173_n 19113404_10158723764245262_1283793937_n 19113348_10158723764090262_149485880_n 19113333_10158723763590262_1247927879_n-1 19113274_10158723763860262_1626984104_n 19075426_10158723763270262_462758057_n 19047901_10158723763605262_1483582274_n

My favorite has to be the storm trooper “knit one purl one rogue one” comes to mind.

So as well as the wonderful characters above taking part in our knit in public day I have to say a massive thank you to our wonderful customers.  You guys did not disappoint.  We had ladies and gents sat all day with our knitting and crocheting.  Which was so wonderful to see.  Here are a few photos of you all contributing to our knit in peace squares.

19113011_10158723764190262_1431858330_n 19113034_10158723764055262_1391495577_n 19113267_10158723764885262_1042401640_n 19141402_10158723765250262_1032083654_n

So as part of WWKIP this year Bergere de France joined in the fun with their woolley weekend.  So the Saturday was of course knit in public and then the Sunday was yarn bombing day.  Bergere De France generously donated lots of free wool (we still have some left so please do come and collect some to do more squares, we will be sending them off at the end of June) to make squares which are now being sent to www.knitforpeace.org.uk to make up blankets.  Our amazing customers have been knitting and crocheting frantically for the last month or so.  We had 99 squares at the last count, which is just amazing. I took them to Stockton today to show them in their glory next to the lovely fountain.


19141535_10158723758675262_732050462_n 19113234_10158723762870262_1346605672_n-1 19141868_10158723764810262_476800838_n

As well as all of this we had a great day in the shop with a flash sale and some wonderful goodie bags thanks to Katia.  Who kindly donated a box of amazing yarns for WWKIP Day.

So again thank you so so much to you all for making it such an amazing day.  I was totally overwhelmed by the support all of you gave.  On a personal note, I would also like to thank everyone’s well wishes and concern about my mum over the last few weeks.  I have been a little absent from the shop but thankfully my mum is much better and is now home.  I really appreciate all the love and support. Love you all xxx

Sam xx


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