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crochet & knitting projects laid out on the carpet

I am a serial starter, are you?

So I was going to publish a blog about things to do with your kids this weekend. With May having not one but two Bank Holidays and a half term.  However, then I asked myself what I would be doing this Bank Holiday. Oh and also this blog was meant to be done last week, but I am human and I have been busy.  Now, of course I will be spending time with my hubby and my lovely little terrors.  However, I also thought I might, I say might as the likelihood is I will just start something else.  I might try and finish some projects off.

Its been quite a talking point in the shop recently about how terrible I am at finishing anything. How amazed people are when I actually do finish something. I am known for knitting something and then handing it over to my lovely friend and knitting tutor Yvonne, to sew up.


I have been told I am a serial starter.  Are you? Do you start things and then for whatever reason don’t finish them?  I have odd socks, half finished scarves, bags with projects in that I have lost the pattern for, unopened, not started projects, yarn that is for a project but I am not sure which one yet.



So I counted!

Yes I know you should just never count your unfinished projects but I did.  I waiting till everyone had gone to school, work and childcare and I went back home and I got them all out on the floor.  26 in total. Yes I did say 26. I know its terrible and I know I should finish things but well, what can I say, I get excited when I see new yarn or a new pattern.

On top of my 26 projects I also have a stash of yarn that will probably never get used.  So come on lovely people, I cannot be the only one surely? Confess, tell me how many unfinished (WIPS) you have hidden away in various places in your house.

I look forward to seeing pictures on Facebook and Instagram




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