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What Mums want on Mother’s Day!

When I started to research this I found many blogs that had a whole array of things that we supposedly want. From random colouring books to Fitbits (I mean really?!).  I am not convinced any of this is true after talking to mums this week.  So here are the top 5 things I think all mums really want on mothers day.

  1. A hot cup of tea that you have not had to make. This particularly applies to new mums and mums with small children.  But at the same time busy mums that have a million and one after school clubs and jobs to do.  Just one cup, just one that is hot and can be drunk in peace without hearing the word ‘mum’
  2. A wee in peace. Yes that’s what I said.  I literally can’t remember the last time I went to the toilet without someone shouting for me or knocking on the door.  I mean really is it too much to ask ???
  3. A clean house, now I know this is a big ask but is it too difficult to tidy up? I’m quite lucky that my hubby does half the house work, but I know lots that don’t. Oh and when you do the house work please don’t then wait for a thank you.  Mums don’t get a thank you for everything they do so why should you?
  4. Something homemade!  I don’t know about you but Mother’s Day has become another excuse for supermarkets to sell you a lot of tat. I know that its lovely to get at least one ‘mummy’ mug or an ‘I love you’ bear but trust me after you have had those things every year, you run out of places to put them.  Make a card with the kids, get them to colour in, even if it is just a scribble or bake with them.  The best prezzie I have had recently was a homemade cake. It was delicious but more to the point it was made by my daughter. That meant a lot more than some random teddy or mug.
  5. Some ‘me’ time. Now I know this can feel impossible when you have children but that’s all a mum really wants.  Just 5 mins or a few hours to catch up on that book, Netflix or to just have a bath in peace.  So take the kids out to the park for an hour or two. They will enjoy it, so will you and so will she!

Failing all that, if you have found this blog open on your wifes/partners/ friends computer the chances are she totally loves crochet, knitting and all things crafty.  So below is a gift guide of woolly related prezzies she will love.


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