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20 assorted colours of cotton yarn by Ricorumi, perfect for your Valentine.
Ricorumi 100% Cotton Yarn

Valentine’s Day 2019

Love & romance are in the air and I am celebrating Valentine’s Day in the shop! 

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for centuries and the stories surrounding who Valentine was, are legendary.

Was it Valentine the priest helping soldiers marry in secret. A crime punishable by death, when Emperor Claudius discovered what he was doing.

Or was it the Valentine that helped Christians escape from the harsh conditions they were subjected to. It was also reported that one such imprisoned Valentine, after allegedly befriending his jailers daughter sent her a letter ‘From your Valentine’ on the day of his execution, 14th February.

Red & coral yarn a valentine's triumph

Move forward several centuries, Valentines Day has become a celebration of romance and love. The cynics among you might sniff at the concept, scoffing at the commercialisation of the whole day. Many will be dashing around, buying bouquets of red roses (the colour of love and beauty), chocolates or other love tokens, here at All Things Wool, we are celebrating with our true love – yarn! Lots of lovely balls of it! From the smallest to the biggest, cotton to chunky, we love all of it.

So however and with whoever you are celebrating, Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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