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Which is your favourite?

And before any dirty minded people start commenting things I really do not want to know about, I am talking about balls of yarn OBVIOUSLY!

People ask me this all the time in the shop. I find it a really hard question to answer because I think it honestly depends on what you’re knitting.  So I decided to break it down and also just use the wool I have in the shop. Otherwise I will be here forever and you will all be bored senseless right?

So babies, as I have 3 children, 2 currently under the age of 3, I have lots of experience with this.  When a customer asks me which is the best for babies I always ask these two questions:-

  1. How will they be washing it?
  2. Are they knitting something traditional or not so much?

I ask about washing because, quite frankly, if they just want something that they can throw in the washingBalls of King Cole Cherished Yarn machine and not worry, then I would definitely advise against a high wool content and go for balls of King Cole Cherish or Cherished.

This yarn is an anti-piling, 100% acrylic and its gorgeous to knit with.  My boys both have blankets and cardigans in them and honestly, Toby who is now nearly 3, his blanket still looks great.  It’s been dropped in puddles, chewed (don’t ask) and washed many, many times and still looks good.   Also, the mixed variety has the added bonus that it makes you look incredibly talented as it creates a Fair-Isle effect just like magic! What’s not to love!

Balls of Bo-Peep YarnNow, the tradition question is because some people are hard and fast about still dressing their baby in white. In this case, I often recommend West Yorkshire Spinners Bo-Peep.  Although they have a full range of absolutely beautiful colours, including some brights and mixes, they have a gorgeous white.  It’s a wool mix which can be machine washed so that’s always a bonus and is super soft!

If you’re wanting something a little bit more special and not in your typical colours then we have just started stocking Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino.  My word, this yarn is stunning.  With the blend of cashmere, it makes it velvety and soft.  In fact to be honest I have this on my list to knit with for myself, never mind the kids.  I feel like they have got the colour palette so very right with this yarn. There are beautiful vintage pinks, stunning blues and the ever so trendy greys.  You really ca not go wrong with this yarn.

Yarn for adults…

…..and what I would choose for myself. There are so many to choose from.  Right now, if I had to choose Balls of Rico Silky Touch Dkone, even though I do normally prefer a yarn with a wool content, I have fallen in love a little bit with Rico’s Silky Touch yarn.  Its 100% acrylic and certainly lives up to its name.  I am about to cast on a gorgeous seamless cardi in it.  If however, I had to choose something with wool, I think I would choose Croft by West Yorkshire Spinners (WYS).  It’s an aran weight 100% wool and its what I consider to be a traditional/proper aran.  Its beautiful to use and has a stunning colour palette.  I also love the books that come with WYS yarns.  They always have such modern beautiful patterns that I can imagine myself wearing.

Last, but not least, for crochet lovers. I would totally head to Ricorumi every time.  You really could not choose a better yarn.  There are 60 colours to choose from and because they come in 25 g balls, you are not left with lots left over when you are doing small projects.  I personally don’t really crochet toys, so I am trying to come up with a way of using these fab little balls. I will let you know what I decide.

So now I have talked about my favourite yarns, I would love to know what yours are? Head over to Instagram or Facebook and let us know under the blog post there x

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