Knitted Twiddle muffs for the alzheimer’s society

Knitted Twiddle muffs for the Alzheimer’s society

Last year at ‘All things wool’ we ran a campaign alongside the Health hub in Stockton to make as many twiddle muffs as possible.  These were handed in at various locations including the Arc and Stockton Library.  Lots of the twiddle muffs handed into the Arc and Library were successfully handed out to local care homes.  We decided at ‘All Things Wool’  to hand the ones out that we received to people living in the community who are still living in their own homes.  We felt that these people, in particular, miss out on the excellent fundraising that happens in the area.  So didn’t want these people to miss out on the wonderful twiddle muffs you have all donated this time.

Twiddle muffs for those of you that are unsure are basically a knitted tube that you then add things to such as buttons, ribbons, bows and bells.  These are so the person in question can ‘twiddle’ with them.  I am no professional however after seeing my mum who has early onset dementia begin to twiddle with buttons on her cardigan or rub the same part of her hand over and over.  I can honestly say that these Twiddle Muffs really do make a difference.

Within the shop, we not only collected the twiddle muffs but we also sold packs made up to be able to make the twiddle muffs. Part of each sale will be donated to the Alzheimer’s society. We were overwhelmed with how many packs we sold and how many we ended up collecting.  They were all different sizes and colours.  In total with the sales from the packs and donations, we managed to raise £132.

The images below show what these fabulous twiddle muffs look like.  So thank you so much to all of our customers for taking your time to make these and donate to this amazing charity.  I know quite a lot of the twiddle muffs donated came from a particular knitting group called Rainbow Corner Knit and Natter Group, so a special thank you to you too x




Again thank you so much for all your amazing support.  If you would like to know more about other events we might have, news and of course new wool to knit with, please come over to our Facebook page and give us a like.

Also if you would like any more information about the Alzheimer’s society please visit their website.

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