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Knitting accessories on a knitted blanket

Are you a beginner knitter, walk into a yarn shop and think ‘what? ‘where do I start? What is that thing?

If you are nodding, smiling, saying yes to any of that then you need this list in your life!

Okay so there are millions of little gadgets that a knitter can buy. Honestly millions BUT I think if you have these 5 things plus your chosen knitting pattern, needles, yarn and a cup of tea or a glass of gin then you will be sorted.

A small packet containing knitters needlesNumber 1 – knitters’ needles

You most definitely without a doubt need these little terrors. The good old knitters’ needle to sew up your ends.  If you are reading this and you’re not a beginner and your anything like me I bet, you still buy these things every time you walk into a wool shop.  Not because you haven’t got any but because they are missing, in the bin, down the side of the sofa, in the many project bags or maybe the dog tried to eat them


A knitters gaugeNumber 2 – knitting gauge/ needle sizer

As you start to collect needles, you will soon loose track of what sizes they are.  Lots of needles have them written on the sides but there will always be a set that you have no idea of the size. Or if you me a whole draw full of the things.



a small packet of stitch markersNumber 3 – stitch markers

These are a must have for any knitter.  You will need them as you progress in your knitting journey especially when knitting garments or in lace work.  They come in many different shapes and sizes.  I have been gifted some beautiful ones over the years. (ones that are far to nice to use) But the ones below are your basic set to start off with.


Number 4 – tape measure

I think everyone should have a tape measure even if you’re not a knitter.  Mind these are a bit like the needles, I have loads as I lose them constantly or the kids break them.



row counterNumber 5 – row counter/ not pad

So, a row counter came out on top when I researched this, so I included it.  I totally agree it is a super helpful accessory to have.  I however still use a notepad and just tally my rows, so I have included a notepad in this guide too.  I think it’s just personal preference, but I have many pieces of paper everywhere with marks on.  Which I promise make sense to me.

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