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Build Your Audience LiveOkay so I have been thinking about writing a blog post about attending Build Your Audience Live for weeks now. Every time I write it, I get stuck on what to write, how to write it, who it will be for.

But well its in less than a week and if I don’t do it now there won’t really be a point will there?

Then I wondered if I should post this on my business page or my crazy busy mum blog.  I have decided on my business page, but I am following it up with some mum guilt posts over on that one.


Let me introduce myself first for those who have no idea who I am, and those who are going to the event please come and say hi.

I am Sam. I have a massively busy life looking after 3 kids, caring for my mum and running my shop. Oh yeah I have a business.  I run a yarn shop, a beautiful yarn shop in the North East called All Things Wool.  So yeah that’s me in a nutshell.

I spend a lot of time thinking about all the amazing things I could post and tell people about, then I don’t as I have major imposter syndrome and spend much of my time questioning everything.

So why this event you ask…

I have wanted to go to a big event like this for years but

  1. I’ve been too scared
  2. there’s never been the right one
  3. well…… yes I have always been too scared.

And then!

When I saw Build Your Audience Live though something just told me I needed to do it.  And oh my goodness I am so glad I have.  Since deciding to go my life has changed a fair bit and I have made some huge decisions and the event has not even happened yet!

From booking these tickets I then felt like I needed to get serious about my business, so joined Janet Murray’s coaching group.  For one of the first times in business I feel like I am slowly becoming a business woman, even though I have run my own shop for 5 years.  Crazy I know right! I have made the choice to invest in myself. This is a really scary thing to do, but I am really hoping it pays off.

Already I have met some amazing people over social media/email/Skype, and honestly the kindness is amazing.

This event is like no other. We are made to feel like we know everyone before the actual thing even happens.

Oh and more importantly I’m going to London and staying over, which means… SLEEP yes 3 whole nights of sleep without small children shouting, crying and screaming.  Oh my goodness lets not kid now this is the real reason I booked.  Can you imagine 3 whole nights and 3 whole days to myself, working on me and my business. I know you’re jealous!!!

Anyway I will be writing more about the whole leaving the kids over on my personal blog so do come over and join me.

I will talk to you soon after the big event and feedback how awesome and amazing it was.

Talk to you all soon x

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