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Why you need crochet in your life & why mindfulness will happen with it!

Okay, so before I tell you my story and what I think, I want to point out that in no way am I a medical professional and this is my opinion and only the way I understand things. So a few years ago if you said the word mindfulness to me I would have said ‘what the heck is that’  When it was explained to me I would have just laughed.  BUT it works and is super important.

I am a serial starter, are you?

So I was going to publish a blog about things to do with your kids this weekend. With May having not one but two Bank Holidays and a half term.  However, then I asked myself what I would be doing this Bank Holiday. Oh and also this blog was meant to be done last week, but I am human and I have been busy.  Now, of course I will be spending time with my hubby and my lovely little terrors.  However, I also thought I might, I say might as the likelihood is I will just start something else.  I might try and finish some projects off.