About Us

What do we do?


So we are an independent yarn shop based in Stockton on tees in the Northeast of England, providing lots of lovely men & women with stunning yarns, patterns, kits and notions.  We also run some great workshops on a regular basis.  We like to think and hope you agree that we are not just a yarn shop but more a community.  People make friends, we chat and generally just enjoy the craft together.


We have been in our shop since May 2016 and previous to that we were in the enterprise arcade.  The arcade was a great place for us.  It is there to provide start-up businesses with a safe/secure environment to trade from with business help on hand.  I learnt a lot and grew my business a lot.

About us

So I am Sam.  This is my baby really.  I live, breathe, eat and sleep yarn haha.  I have always loved textiles and completed a fashion & textile degree just before having my first baby.  When Eevey came along I started my business, working from home.  I created the beautiful hand knitted British accessories and set out to give everyone a ‘creative hug’.

I did this for a few years along with some teaching and then the great opportunity of the enterprise arcade came along.  At the same time, I met my amazing now Husband. And well everything else is history as they say.  We have had a whirlwind 3 years.  We got married in 2015, I moved into our wool shop in May 2016 and gave birth to baby Toby in 2016.  It has been amazing and I am happy to say as I write this we are expecting our 3rd baby due in April 2018.

It’s been crazy but my hubby is amazing and my shop feels like a family now.  I have lots of amazing customers and a great team.  Lisa works part-time for me, keeps me organised and well makes the place look respectable and keeps it running really haha.  Joanne is the wonderful lady that teaches all of our workshops and honestly she is amazing.  I have seen ladies come in with no confidence and a few months later they are creating the most stunning projects.

So if your ever in the area please do pop in and say hello.  The kettle is always on 🙂 xxx