Colours of the rainbow

Colours of the rainbow

Over the next couple of months we have got lots of gorgeous new yarns coming into the shop for spring/summer.

Two have already arrived and are waiting for you to come and create beautiful things with.  The first is opium Palette.  We have had this in the shop before and it was hugely popular. It has come back with 3 new stunning colours and I have added one of my favourites to it too.  We will be adding some block colours to this in the next few weeks just because I cannot resist.


This yarn has a gorgeous texture of thicker and thinner parts, knitted on bigger needles gives a stunning lacy effect.  There are some beautiful patterns to go with this yarn which are available on our website.


The second new yarn is totally my new favourite (I seem to have a new one every other week at the moment)

This one in particular just makes me smile because of its bright, fun colours.  On a cloudy day as I write this blog these colours just add a zest to the day.  It feels super soft to the touch and is durable and more importantly machine washable.  This makes it perfect for children’s garments as well as something special for you.  What I am going to use it for though is crochet.  I have made it my mission this year to not only learn some more crochet stitches but to inject this into the shop and website/social media.  I know lots of you are fabulous at crochet so I am trying my hardest to share crochet patterns and not forget about you lovely people as I am a natural knitter… So let me know how I am doing wont you?

1 dychoicerange-ss17-fruitydk_515x720_72_rgbYou can purchase these stunning yarns on our website using the link below.

I look forward to seeing your creations using both these yarns.  I have already started a blanket in the Fruity.  It has been totally inspired but a present one of my customers brought me in the other day so keep your eyes peeled for photos of this on my face book and Instagram.


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