About Us


Hello, so my name is Sam. I’m currently based in the Enterprise Arcade in Stockton in the North East of England. I have one daughter called Eevey. You will see many photos of her throughout the site as she happily models for me in return for lovely, coloured knitwear. I don’t however do all of this alone; I have an extra supportive partner. Now I know everyone says this if they are a sole trader but I really do. His name is Nick. You’ll often see him at fairs with me (looking a little lost) but all the same helping lots. He does all the behind the scenes boring bits too, like accounts.  This is us.




What we do and why we do it

I started this business nearly 3 years ago at the end of 2012. As you are reading this you will have realised that this is a wool shop, however this was not always the case. I started by selling my own knitwear, which I still do. I had been knitting at home for friends and family for a while and yearned to do it full time. When I couldn’t find a full time job that fit round being a busy mum I decided to take the plunge.

I made the not so easy decision to only use British yarns for my adult knitwear. This, although it was an obvious choice to make to me, made getting the business off the ground a little slower. It is something I feel strongly about. By buying British wool it means I am supporting the British economy. With my knitwear I have tried to keep everything from Britain and manufactured here too. I use mostly Blue faced Leicester or British Alpaca which are both beautifully soft. All of my knitwear is hand knitted by either myself or some lovely local ladies that knit for me.

From there I went to lots of amazing gift fairs and sold my beautiful British Knitwear. Then, in the summer of 2014, I was given the opportunity to open a small shop inside an arcade along with a number of other small businesses. I embraced this opportunity and enjoyed selling not only my knitwear but also the stunning British wool I had been knitting with myself. I then added to my stock with other local business’s products such as hand dyed yarns by Truly Hooked and beautiful felted products by George and Lilly. All of which can be found in the shop on the website.

I have now happily found myself with a full blown wool shop. I absolutely still champion British wool and I have a full range of yarns in lots of different weights from West Yorkshire spinners along with patterns. I do, however, now stock many different brands of yarn too.

Our knitwear for adults will always be knitted using stunning British wool yarns. We will be adding a children’s range later in the year using 100% wool that is from the brand Drops. In the shop you will find lots of wool, obviously, but other gorgeous woolly products that I hope you will enjoy.

The aim of our business whether it is the yarns, products or knitwear is to give our customers a…

‘Creative hug’

We want our customers to feel great when buying our products. To know that wherever we can we have knitted our clothing and accessories using British wool. That we have used other British businesses to supply us with our packaging. We have manufactured our luxury knitwear in the UK and most of all that you, as a customer, enjoy your buying experience with us. This is why we hope that every customer feels that they have received a ‘creative hug’ from us every time they purchase from us.